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Let me tell you a little bit more about our clothes.

More about the closet, more about the team.

Did you know that we manage Sweden’s largest shared closet? Over 15K items are available in our closet.

What you should know about our clothes:

Trust our stylists

We research trends, body shapes, color combinations, fabrics, and cuts.

We rescue as many basics as we rescue complementary pieces. We understand that you might prefer a subtle selection whereas someone would prefer to stand out in a crowd.

We inspect the clothes and wash them professionally. We repair them and sometimes modify them to fit the standards.

Try it now

The little girl in the picture is me 25 years ago wearing clothes from a thrift store.

It all started in France, my name is Lisa Gautier, and the little girl in the picture is me 25 years ago wearing clothes from a thrift store.

French-born with a Parisian mother who’s father was working as a tailor, who loved vintage shops, and high waist denim, I haven’t worn a lot of new clothes.

I have spent a big chunk of my life browsing thrift shops.

I started doing it because it set me apart, and because it was fun. To be honest I wasn’t too incentivized by the environment. That, however, changed about 10 years ago when I started working behind the scene/ for the clothing industry.

As I was myself going away from second-hand stores, for reasons such as too much work, and not enough time.

Hearing about the impact of discarded clothes took me right back at it. The clothes I was wearing went from setting me apart to giving me a purpose. 

Eventually, I was convincing my friends to follow the same path. 

Today Mikaela, the team, the closet hackers, and I are spreading the word at a much bigger and faster scale.

Lisa Gautier 
Co-founder and CEO

My sister, my mother, and I have shared closet forever.

« My grandmother sew all her clothes herself, and the clothes of my mother when she was young. My sister, my mother and I have shared closet forever. I became interested in fashion when I started high school and realised that clothes are a way of expressing yourself. But I wasn’t aware of the huge negative consequences that our clothing consumption brings. When I later studied Circular Economy, I understood the problem and how the clothing industry’s linear business models aren’t sustainable in the long run. Today, it’s so easy for brands to greenwash themselves. We are not going to do that, we are going to be green for real.

The whole industry needs to undergo a tremendous change and we can only do it by collaborating with each other across the value chain. »

Mikaela Larsell Ayesa 
Co-founder and COO at Future Closets AB

Interested in learning more about our sustainability efforts?

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Apply for our student offer. Everyone should be able to contribute and support us in our mission to drive change.

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